Try out the brand new Magic CyberCam


 This is a picture of the new Cyber Camera you'll be using.


Although it's still in the state of testing, we decided to release this beta version,  to let the future customers take an active part in the work of testing.  We encouraged webdesigners world wide to add this "camera" to private sites on the net which makes it possible for me to introduce it to you.  The Magic Cybercam with WebBot JavaScript will show on your monitor and activate your screen in a manner that makes it very light sensitive, so that it will work like a digital camera. This enables you to have your picture taken on your very own computer.
This sounds too good to be true, but to assure you of the facts, you're now invited to test the CyberCam yourself. FREE (Limit - 2 Photos per visit.) System Requirements: Your computer / monitor has to be no more than 4 years old.


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