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flash games

Acne Be Gone - disgusting game and I love it :)

Alien Scum Slaughter - kill those aliens, save us!

Asteroids - shooting game, not Quake 3 :)

BackStreet Boys Shooting Game - kill teenagers!

Bad Apple - logic game, try to eat only good apples

Ball Breaker - very good arkanoid game clone

Bin Blaster - Blast Bin Laden's head!

BlackJack - professional casino simulation

Britney Slap - slap Britney's ass! oh man ;-)

Bubble Wrap - how fast are you?

Clay Kitten Shooting - it's easy, just shoot the cats!

Crystal Island - funny arcade game

Don't Kill Kenny - poor Kenny, don't kill him, pretty please :)

Fleet - superb battleship game

Frogger - you are a little frog, forget a prince

Golden Gate Drop - drop balloons! very funny ;-)

HomeRun - you have to keep going and you are sooo drunk!

Kaboom! - very sick game, really sick... so I had to share it :)

Kill Eminem - kill that "white-he-thinks-he's-black" rapper!

Kill Osama Bin Laden - kill Osama!!!

Labyrinth Pong - keep your ball out from holes!

Lights Off! - logic game, not easy

Live Labyrinth - move your little man around the labyrinth

MasterMind - legendary logic game

Memory Madness - memory game

Mini Putt - mini golf, fantastic playability

PacMan - legendary arcade game

Penguin Shooting - no penguins were hurt during this game

Pokemon Shoot 2 - kill those little bastards!

Pong 2000 - it's pong!

Shoot Bin Laden - shoot, shoot, shoot!

Spear Britney - spear Britney, pretty please ;)

Tank Wars - multiplayer game, good stuff

Tetris Arcade - it's tetris!

Watch Out Behind You, Hunter - kill gays, ha ha!

Whack Osama! - oh yes, whack him!



flash animations

Britney Kissing Girls - Britney Spears sings about girls

Buggin' You Song - bug is bugging you :)

Cat Play - play with this cat

DJ Music - DJ's from Russia?! they are cool!

Elmo Crazy Dance - he is so crazy!

Flash Girl - what you see? and what you don't see :-p

He Likes Cursor - he really likes it!

Icon's Story - what is going on on your desktop?!

Inflate Britney's Pairs! - are those real?!

Mac Power On - this one is for Mac haters

Mouse Pointer - move that away from me, he says...

Real Hussein Song - Hussein or Eminem?

Shoot the Monkey! - I hate that banner, I really do!

Spank Secretary - oh man, I like this :)

Spiral Illusion - don't look at it too long

Strip Dance - very funny stuff for your boyfriend

Ugly People - find your picture here =;o)

Valentine's Day Dance - very funny stuff for your girlfriend

X-Ray Bush - finally, the truth!

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