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Porsche Boxster

Take a powerful and smooth six-cylinder engine, attach it to a sophisticated sporting chassis, enclose them in a stunning body derived from a concept car, top it off with a Porsche crest, and price it for less than a kidney and a gold Patek Philippe.

Not only does this recipe guarantee success, but it also makes for a 10Best trophy for both years of the Boxster's production.

In addition to these essential building blocks, the engineers at Porsche have added such convincing touches as an intoxicating engine note, a rapid power-operated top, front and rear trunks, and Formula 1-style one-piece brake calipers. The result is a sports car that delivers the speed and driver satisfaction that make for a blow-out-the-cobwebs weekend toy as well as sufficient utility to make it a good daily commuter. As a do-it-all sports car for the end of the century, the Boxster formula has immense appeal.

Vehicle Type:

mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 2-passenger, 2-door roadster

Base Price:


Engine Type:

DOHC 24-valve 2.5-liter flat-6

Power(SAE net):

201 bhp @ 6000 rpm


5-speed manual, 5-speed auto


95.2 in


171.0 in

Curb Weight:

2850-2950 lb

EPA fuel economy, city driving:

17-19 mpg


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