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Mazda MX-5 Miata

In the 10 years of its life, the Miata has become a modern classic. A traditional droptop sports car that appeared when the world had written off such two-seaters.

The Miata proved that the concept had plenty of legs, provided it was properly executed and priced attractively.This second-generation Miata follows the groundwork laid by the original. Its price is 30 to 50 percent lower than those of the cadre of German sports cars it spawned. More important, this Miata retains the light-footed nimbleness that we expect from its compact size and light weight.

You never break a sweat getting the Miata to do your bidding. Its controls are so light, so responsive, and so direct that your thoughts are turned into motion as if by magic, and you yearn to drive the Miata for the unadulterated pleasure of it.

That it delivers such satisfaction without requiring a fortune to own -- or to maintain -- has ensured that plenty of enthusiasts will partake of its charms. We are delighted to declare ourselves among them.

Vehicle Type:

front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 2-passenger, 2-door roadster

Base Price:


Engine Type:

DOHC 16-valve 1.8-liter 4-in-line

Power(SAE net):

140 bhp @ 6500 rpm


5-speed manual, 4-speed auto


89.2 in.


155.3 in

Curb Weight:

2250-2300 lb

EPA fuel economy, city driving:

22-23 mpg


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